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The Phyto-Matrix


HempCentra™ is a proprietary key ingredient extracted from certified organic industrial hemp cultivars from the fertile regions of Canada’s agricultural belt. Phyto-Matrix has developed and standardized an innovative process used to convert HempCentra™ into a water-soluble powder or liquid that can be added directly into a wide range of food, beverage, cosmetic, and natural health products.

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Our founders are industry leaders in small batch natural health care products, Health Canada licensing, and white label distribution

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We have international distribution networks and strategic partnerships to ensure maximum international coverage and generational growth

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Our product development sector is not only ahead of the curve but is setting the standard for international product development and distribution.

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Our products contain no artificial flavours or colors, or soy, corn and other additives. We only use the highest quality ingredients to develop our products.


Industrial Hemp Licensing 2019:

  • to sell industrial hemp grain, flowering heads, leaves and branches

  • to import seed

  • to export seed

  • to import grain(viable, non-viable)

  • to export grain

  • to posses for cleaning purposes

  • to posses grain for the processing purposes

Canadian Food Inspection Agency:

  • Seed Establishment License

Kelowna Farm R&D features:

  • Various proprietary cultivars in production concentrating on 16 varieties


Private Label Solutions

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Phyto-Matrix offers white labelling and turnkey business solutions that extend our wide-range of products to companies wanting to create and distribute their own tailored brand of hemp-based products. We take care of the formulations, R&D, processing, manufacturing and quality management so you can focus on tailoring your own brand. Contact us today.

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